Book 1

A Flicker in Darkness

Love is a weakness of the most insidious sort:

DARIUS thought he found it. When Tishana rescued him from the slums of RedHaven, lavishing all the wrong kinds of love upon the boy, he thought he’d finally found sanctuary. But trading flea-ridden straw for silk sheets hasn’t changed the truth burned into his brain—that he’s only good for one thing.

MAEVE has sacrificed for it. Born an exotic slave, she was destined for a brothel until the night she ripped a grown man apart with nothing more than the power of Mother Night. In a world where those without position become pawns, Maeve has chosen to never be powerless again, even at the cost of her own sister.

RAZIEL has never known it. A half-demon slave turned gladiator, he was raised on cruelty. If not for his unlikely friendship with Darius, he might have lost hope altogether. But Raziel longs for a better world, one that he’s not afraid to fight for.

From the glittering halls of RedHaven to its filthy slums, A FLICKER IN DARKNESS is a tale of childhood friends losing and finding one another again in the dangerous, secret-laden world of Isharra. When an Underworld prince lands on their shores with an agenda of his own, they must choose whether to trust one another and break the cycle of depravity or succumb to it entirely.

Book 2

Crowned By Darkness

Book 3

If Not for Darkness