About me

You get to know my work through my books, here’s a little bit about myself as an author.

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Lia Marie Rossi

Lia Marie Rossi is the author of the “Darkness” series and an absolute sucker for any story involving forbidden romance, gritty, violent plots, and courtly intrigue. She grew up on a steady diet of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dungeons and Dragons, The Borgias, Anne Bishop novels, and Evanescence. 


A mom of four by day, and a novelist by night, she can be found with her cats, laptop, candles, and moody minor key music when the kids go down. She has a BA in English with an emphasis on history, but believes a lifelong passion for reading has taught her more about story writing than university ever did. 


When not writing, she can be found baking, creating art, and instilling that same love of reading in her offspring.

Best selling books

A Flicker in Darkness

Crowned by Darkness

If Not for Darkness