The seeds of the Darkness series were sown probably over 15 years ago. Growing up in a mostly pre-digital age, reading was my primary pastime. It sparked my imagination with dozens of worlds I wanted to visit and a myriad of characters I wanted to get to know. Some of which you’ll get to know once I wrap up Darkness. (I won’t be THAT author, the one that leaves you hanging while exploring four other series.)


Roleplaying came next in the form of Dungeons and Dragons, as well as text-based role plays. Writing back and forth with other writers, describing our characters—oh, I lived and breathed this stuff. I’d considered writing about Redhaven and Isharra for many years, but it was all starts and stops, and no clear direction of where the story would go. 


Now that it’s unfolding before my eyes, I couldn’t be happier. Raziel, Darius, and Maeve are in for a wild ride with devastating odds stacked against them. And because I will always be a hopeless romantic at heart, their love story isn’t going to take a back seat, but I can guarantee it sure as hell will get in the way. 


Welcome to Isharra—a land with a dark history. Make yourself at home. Just don’t get eaten by sea wyrms, sacrificed on an obsidian altar, or thrown into the Amphitheater. See you on the other side, my lovelies.

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Lia Marie Rossi

Lia Marie Rossi is the author of the “Darkness” series and an absolute sucker for any story involving forbidden romance, gritty, violent plots, and courtly intrigue. She grew up on a steady diet of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dungeons and Dragons, The Borgias, Anne Bishop novels, and Evanescence.

A mom of four by day, and a novelist by night, she can be found with her cats, laptop, candles, and moody minor key music when the kids go down. She has a BA in English with an emphasis on history, but believes a lifelong passion for reading has taught her more about story writing than university ever did.

When not writing, she can be found baking, creating art, and instilling that same love of reading in her offspring.

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